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Post Mortem with Mick Garris

Feb 27, 2019

From Sundance to The Independent Spirit Awards, filmmaker Sandi Tan is on the slab this week to discuss her Netflix documentary, SHIRKERS. You won’t want to miss getting to know her and the strange, true stories behind her award-winning, making-of documentary!!

Feb 13, 2019

It’s Valentine’s Day this week, that’s why we’re spending this episode with someone Mick loves to work with -- his frequent collaborator, Annabeth Gish, the star of DESPERATION, BAG OF BONES and the upcoming NIGHTMARE CINEMA! Plus Annabeth gets into her experience working with Mike Flanagan on BEFORE I WAKE and...

Jan 30, 2019

Re-Animator, Insidious, From Beyond, The Conjuring, Masters of Horror, Annabelle and the upcoming Nightmare Cinema. Composers Richard Band and Joseph Bishara, have scored these horror movies and more, creating musical terrors for directors like James Wan, Stuart Gordon, and myself. Now they’re on the Post Mortem slab...

Jan 16, 2019

After winning the hearts of horror fans everywhere in the cult-classic RE-ANIMATOR, Barbara Crampton has become a genre staple. She’s graced us with her on-screen presence in fan favorites like FROM BEYOND, YOU’RE NEXT, WE ARE STILL HERE and CHANNEL ZERO, becoming an ambassador for the genre. Now, she’s on the...